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I will edit your dissertation, book chapter, or journal article

Matt Harvey

Dissertation Expert
I completely transform academic writing. You need your paper to be publication-ready on short notice; you have a rough draft, or maybe you're a non-native English speaker confident in your work but not in your writing. Let me take it from here. I'll do a line-by-line edit, re-writing phrases and re-organizing sentences and paragraphs as needed. I won't change the meaning of your text; in fact, I'll ensure terminological, conceptual, and technical consistency and correctness throughout the whole document. When I'm done, your paper will be the best possible version of itself: your words, your ideas, and your findings, expressed with the utmost clarity, precision, and professionalism. I am an Assistant Editor at Elsevier, on the Language Sciences editorial team. I've published a double handful of journal articles and I hold a Ph.D. (ABD) in Cognitive Science, an MPhil in Linguistics, and a BA in Neuroscience. Let me give you a hand.