Post your Essay 1 “Take a Stand” Draft.

See instructions below.

In Week 2, you’ll revise and finalize this essay to submit it as your Week 2 Assignment.

Essay 1 Taking a Stand

Your Essay 1 Taking a Stand will provide analysis and critical thinking on an issue where reasonable people disagree about what is right or wrong.

Sample Topics:

Should teens be limited in using social media?

Should animal protection laws be enforced in food production facilities?

Should non-violent criminals be released from incarceration into rehabilitation programs?

Should any adult be allowed to legally carry a gun anywhere?

Should marijuana be legal everywhere for everyone?

Should the drinking age be moved to 18?

Should mentally ill people who commit crimes be treated differently under the law?

Should immigrants be able to vote and/or hold office?

Should all immigrants receive equal consideration for citizenship?

Should performance enhancers be allowed in sports?

Should male and female athletes receive equal pay?

Should schools have dress codes?

Should recycling be enforced by law?


· Include roughly 500-700 words or about 3 to 5 pages.

· Demonstrate a strong, well-supported analysis without excessive retelling the situation.

· Offer thorough, specific, detailed development (paragraphs of at least 8-10 sentences each) and transitions between sections.

· Put all lists or bullet statements into sentence and paragraph form and discuss.

· Draw conclusions at the end of each section as well as for the whole essay.

· Use the third person voice.

· Check all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and use of language for professionalism and correctness. (Formal, third person voice is used.)

· Ensure report conforms to APA format for sources and citations as well as layout. (Sources are optional for Essay 1.)

Here is a helpful resource on using APA format:


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