Consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol can cause drunkenness and  the body.

Select all that apply.

Alcoholism is also known as:

Alcohol is a chemical that can have a toxic or poisoning effect on the body.

Consuming  amounts of alcohol can cause dehydration.

A safe amount of alcohol for a child is:

Intoxication is another word for .

How can drunkenness be treated?

A safe amount of alcohol in a day for an adult is:

Alcohol will not cause brain damage.

The effects of alcohol on the body and mind are determined by the  that is consumed.
 amounts of alcohol cause an increase in appetite and help digestion.
 means to eat or drink.

Alcoholism can be developed with the first drink of alcohol.

Select all that apply.

Alcohol damages:

Alcohol is a(n) .
From ancient times, alcohol has been created by the fermentation of .
 can be found in beer, wine and liquor.

Select all of the following that are alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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