Topic: The Impact of Effective Nurse-Physician communication in patient outcomes.




Final written paper: 25%

· Each student is required to select a topic related to the practicum experience that provides an opportunity to demonstrate application of acquired knowledge.

· The student will develop a synthesis paper, based on the topic goals and objectives that represent an integration of theory in nursing administration.

· The paper must demonstrate understanding and application of administration concepts and theories.

· The paper is due on the last week of the course.

· Final Paper Outline

· The paper should be written according to the APA guidelines.

· The paper should contain proper grammar and be free from spelling errors.

· This synthesis paper must be limited to no more than 10 typed, double-spaced pages using times new roman font size 12.

· Paper must be written from a third-person perspective.

· Avoid plagiarism by proper citations and referencing.


Final Paper Grading

Requirements Grade Distribution (Points )
Identification of the problem: 5
Review of literature and other appropriate investigation (internal and/or external) 7
Choice of solution and rationale for choice 5
Implications and evaluation 5
Total 25%
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