[Solution] Incident Command System

FEMA’s IS-100.C : Incident Command System

For this Assignment you are to take and successfully complete FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute’s online course “IS-100.C: Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS 100).” As a value added feature of HM500, you will receive a FEMA certificate upon successful completion of IS-100.C.

Also for this Assignment, after completing FEMA’s online course, you will write a 2 page paper on what you have learned as an “emergency manager.”

NOTE: If you have already earned a FEMA IS-100.C certificate before the start of this course, please complete one of the specialist FEMA IS-100 courses (i.e., ICS for Public Works).

Take the FEMA Course

Course: FEMA IS-100.C Read the overview of the IS-100.C course and then when you are ready, click on “Interactive Web-based Course.”

Unit 1 Assignment Checklist

IMPORTANT: After successful completion of FEMA IS-100.C, please save your certificate and submit it in the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox.

Summary Paper

Once you have completed the certificate course, please write a 2–3 page paper about what you learned as an “emergency manager” and use examples to support your paper, using proper citations in APA style.

Create your paper in Microsoft® Word® and save it with a name you will remember. Be sure to include your name, class, and section number. Submit your paper in the Unit 1 Assignment Dropbox.

Incident Command System
Introduction to Incident Command Systems

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