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Grades 9 & 10 Project- T1 – 2021/2022 /physics Scoop.it - 50 Powerful Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

The Idea: 1

· Create content for the physics course for a micro -blog on a selected topic (scoop.it)

· Signup for an account in scoop.it

· Create your micro-blog in scoop.it

· select a logo and a title Post at least 10 stories in scoop.it, including videos, news and text on your selected topic

· Post your micro-blog link on Microsoft teams grade 9 post page

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The Idea: 2

· Create a poster that composed of at least 10 stories

· Use any online poster creator Apps, such as Canva or other apps…….

Idea 3

Your project could be a video, YouTube, video maker ……. With the stories embedded in the video, or your voice.



Idea 4:

You may use 3 D design apps to design your project.



· 2-dimensional motion-

· Circular motion

· Projectile motion

· Electrical circuits and their components

· Types of potential energy with examples

·  Capacitance, Dielectrics, Electric Energy – extra credit

· Newton’s laws and their applications

· conservative and a non-conservative force- extra credit

· atomic physics- extra credit

· the physics of the roller coaster.

· thermal energy extra credit

· waves

· circular motion

· sound extra credit

· optical physics

· thermodynamics



Number of stories 15% At least 10
Content of the stories 65% · content with valid, high quality

· excellent structure with clear sections

· highly relevant information

· selection of works relevant to the topic

· spelling


Creativity and new ideas 20% · excellent use of the online apps



Note: Once you are done with your project you can submit it by posting the link on your class teams page or you can submit it back in the assignments on your Teams.

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