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Minimum 300 words, must have in-text citation and, references in APA format


This week’s chapter provide more guidance for developing a good test. Go to Duquesne University’s site:  Multiple Choice Exam Construction.   (https://www.duq.edu/about/centers-and-institutes/center-for-teaching-excellence/teaching-and-learning-at-duquesne/multiple-choice-exam-construction) Multiple Choice items must be very carefully crafted to be effective. On the site you will find some practical tips for constructing a multiple choice item.  After you read the material do the following:.

Choose a topic/psychological construct that you might address with a survey.  Examples:  Attitudes surrounding COVID-19, Stress and happiness, social media and depression, etc. 


· Create two GOOD questions related to a topic of your choosing that follow all principles (When creating your two “good” questions, they should meet all of the BRUSO method requirements: B: Brief R: Relevant U: Unambiguous S: Specific O: Objective)


· Create two NOT-SO-GOOD questions related to your topic that need revision in order to follow all principles.

· Compare the different kinds of test items (multiple choice, essay, short answer, etc.) discussed in your text this week.  If you were creating a personality assessment, which kinds of questions would use to craft your assessment? Why?

I have asked you to create two questions that need work because when you are responding to your classmates’ posts this week, I would like for you to figure out which of your classmates’ two questions need revision and revise them in your responses.  In your responses, please refer to the construction principles on the Dequesne University site.

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