[Solution] Religious Questions

· Watch Video for Part Two  Link

· Your initial post will have two parts, one for each program. For the first half of part 2 of the program, post (1) what two things you learned that you didn’t know before. Explain why these two things are interesting to you. (2) How are the authors of the Gospels interjecting their own beliefs and circumstances into the story of Jesus? What is the value of understanding how stories are influenced by the storyteller?

· For the second half of part 2 of the program, (1) post what two things you learned that you didn’t know before. Explain why these two things are interesting to you. (2) How did the Roman Empire’s response toward Christianity influence the Christian Movement? Was this a good thing?

· Make sure to provide supporting arguments for your positions.

· Minimum initial post of 300 words.

· Initial forum post is due: Friday, November 5, by 11:59 PM PST.

· Your responses are all due by Friday, December 3, by 11:59 PM PST.


First half of Part 2  follows the story of the first attempts to write the life of Jesus—the Gospels. They were products of social and religious reconstruction in the period after the war, ranging from roughly 70 to after 100 CE. The program looks at how these stories were passed down before they were written and how the writing of each Gospel reflects the experiences and circumstances of early Christians. They do not all tell the same story of Jesus because each one is responding to a different audience and circumstances.

Second half of part 2  follows the period between 100 and 300 CE, when the movement grew and became suspicious in the eyes of the Roman authorities. At times there were heated debates about beliefs, worship, and even about Jesus himself. At other times, faced by external threats, the Christian Movement pulled together. In the end, what started as a small sect of Judaism became a significant part of the population, enough so that a new Roman emperor, Constantine, decided that they should be part of the official religion of Rome.

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