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Serial Killer

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Five page (5) research paper on a serial killer of your choice. The research paper CAN NOT be the same subject as your oral presentation. This research paper will consist of at least two (2) academic sources in addition to at least one of the class text books. Therefore, you will have a minimum of at least three sources in your bibliography. Sources such as newspapers and magazines are unacceptable sources. The goal of the writing assignment is to directly relate and incorporate the class material(s) and the academic sources to the subject of the research paper. Please remember this is a research paper, therefore there must be proper citing of the author’s ideas and important points via documentation. This documentation will following the APA style and will be incorporated into the research paper. The required paper must be typewritten, double spaced and all pages must be stapled together. The paper must have a cover page (no report covers), indicating the students name, title of the paper and course information. This assignment is worth (30%) of the student’s final grade

Serial Killer NON-APPROVAL LIST: Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, BTK, John Wayne Gasey
The professor don’t want us to use any of these people’s

Please discuss a foundational aspect that can be identified as being instrumental in the individuals discussed engaging in serial murder behavior? Could this behavior or circumstances be easily identified? Could anything been done from a societal position to possibly prevent this behavior?
How did this serial killer organize his crimes and what theory can best explain his motive?

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