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This Assignment consist of 3 parts please read all of them!!!


Part I: Term Paper Outline (Need just this Part by 25 DEC 2020)

Instructions: You must submit an outline for 10-page research paper on Topic Web Application Security Risks and Management. It must include a detailed outline of topics and subtopics, as well as an annotated bibliographyThe annotated bibliography must include at least three of the references you will use in your paper, written in APA style, with each one followed by a brief description of the reference.


Part II: Term Paper PowerPoint Presentation

Instructions: The presentation highlights major areas of the paper. Typically, the presentation would be a presentation of what you plan to include in the paper project to ‘sell’ the idea to the executive team or the funding team that would make a final decision whether or not to continue with the project.

A PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 10 slides outlining the following:

At a minimum include the following:

Detailed description of the area researched

Technology involved in the area

Future trends in the area

Example companies involved in the area

Regulatory issues surrounding the area

Global implications for the area

References (minimum of 4)


Part III: Term Paper Final Product

Instructions: You are required to write a 10-page research paper on topic Web Application Security Risks and Management.

Submission Instructions: Be sure your paper meets the following requirements:

1. 10 pages (double-spaced), excluding the title page, the abstract page (if included), and the references pages.

2. Write about the latest developments and issues.

3. Use at least five references.

4. In addition to the required number of pages for the assignment, you must also Include a reference page (bibliography), written in APA style, and a title page. Be sure to give all of your papers a descriptive title.

5. Use APA Style formatting in Arial 11 or 12-point font or Times New Roman styles.

6. Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations

7. Your paper must be in your own words, representing original work. Paraphrases of others’ work must include attributions to the authors. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 15% of the paper, and use quotations sparingly!



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