[Solution] Week 2 DP 2




In your reflection

· Describe your biggest takeaway or your most interesting discovery from the interactive (link to video above).

· Explain what knowledge you will apply from the interactive to demonstrate academic integrity as you progress in this course.

· Discuss the concept you struggled with the most to understand, or the one that you are most interested to learn more about.

Should be a minimum of 150 words

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words.

In your peer responses,

· Share your thoughts on your peers’ takeaways or provide additional ways that they can apply knowledge from the interactive.

· Provide advice on the concepts your peers are struggling with or share tips to help your peers build excitement to further explore these concepts in the coming weeks.




My biggest takeaway from this interactive was the usefulness of using research in an essay and how validating it can be. In the future, I will try to add more research citing to my work. I think that this will give me more examples to provide in future papers and help my audience understand my point of view more. Also, it seems as if having references can make the base of your argument more solid. Having a strong belief can often become misleading when you don’t know all the facts. Searching for and adding proven, documented facts can have a major impact on your audience. I’m most interested in seeing how seamlessly I can add citing to my work. The example provided seemed to have a flow that made the reading seem much more valid. I am looking forward to seeing the effects this has on my own writing.




My biggest takeaway from the research interactive is using the I.C.E method to integrate my research into my paper. Seeing it broken down into these three steps will help me in my current and future research. This method allows me to ensure I satisfy all portions of incorporating my research into my writing. Focusing on the why, where, and how will help me demonstrate academic integrity as I progress in this course. Understanding these concepts will help me cover my need for research while correctly citing my sources. I would say that I struggle most with explaining my citations in my writing. I think following the I.C.E method will help to focus on fulfilling all parts of integrating my research. I would say some of my biggest struggles in school revolve around researching. I hope to gain more knowledge from this course that I’ll carry throughout my academic journey.

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